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Technology is a driving factor that affects overall operation in forging industry. In order to achieve Company objectives we need to apply advanced technology. We emphasize on the acquisition of new improved equipment to further assure quality. We are also continuously emphasizing on significant up gradation of manufacturing facility to improve product quality. In the New Project we are adopting latest open die forging technology. This will enable us to reduce our material input by doing the forgings with close tolerances. Further, the new technology is fully automatic and will significantly reduce the manpower requirements. With the help of this technology we can control the reduction ratio of materials which will help us in meeting critical grain-size requirements. The implementation of SAP-ERP System has helped us on various counts; to name a few, cost control, optimal use of resources, successful tracking of material etc. Further, we have deployed CNC operated machines and well-calibrated instruments which add to the quality of our products.

In our New Project, we are acquiring critical machineries such as Manipulator and Forging Press from reputed international suppliers to ensure high quality and productivity. The specifications for these critical machineries are sufficiently advanced in technology and for the purpose intended.

The plant and machineries selected have adequate capability to offer good process control, which can deliver good quality consistently.

Implementation of SAP ECC 6.0 in 2008-Enterprises Resource Planning to integrate processes and systems within the organization.

With the implementation of SAP ECC 6.0 in 2008, key processes involved in the company business including production, planning and accounting are now done routinely through SAP. This has served business operations well in terms of quick responses, accurate information and lesser cost. The benefits from SAP will increase, as the scale and complexity of business operations increases. The benefit of the same can be further summarized as follows:

  • The different departments of the Company work on single platform and the entire management of planning, purchase, raw materials, sales, production, stores, financial activities are now fully integrated by which the duplication of work is reduced.
  • Better analysis of data is done to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and to improve profitability
  • Better controls and security.
  • Expandable as per the requirement of business.


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