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Corporate Social Responsibility

About Us Sustainability Corporate Social Responsibility

To thrive, healthy businesses need healthy communities. Sanghvi improves the quality of life and enhances the vitality of the communities in which we operate by supporting community sustainability efforts. Sustainable communities recognize the interdependence of social progress, economic success and environmental excellence. Through financial contributions and the active volunteer participation of employees, Sanghvi provides support to programs and non-profit organizations that address one or more components of community sustainability.

Community Outreach

Sanghvi is committed to improving the quality of life and enhancing the vitality of the communities in which it operates throughout the world. Through financial contributions and the volunteer efforts of its employees, Sanghvi supports programs and organizations that address social progress, economic success and environmental excellence - all vital components of community sustainability.

  • Social Progress – Increasing access to opportunity; helping children, youth and families; fostering understanding among                                   community members;
  • Economic Success – Revitalizing neighborhoods; helping people achieve self-sufficiency; enhancing the quality of life;
  • Environmental Excellence – Providing leadership in enhancing and protecting the environment.

Social Responsibility

At Sanghvi Forging, we have a strong belief that the improvement of educational standards in the community will result in the improvement of the general well-being of society. In order to support this belief, we have adopted "Ekal Vidyalaya" through Friends of Tribals Society (FTS) to provide primary education to the children in tribal and remote village of Lakhnipur Dist. Karoli, Rajasthan.

Code of Conduct

An Ethical Business conduct is key for business carried out by any company. With this in Mind the board of directors have adopted a code of business conduct and ethics which helps maintain a strict standard, complying to legal requirements. The Code of business conduct has helped us deter wrongdoings and promote ethical conduct. The points covered in the Code of conduct and ethics are of importance to the company, our shareholders and business partners equally. Read more……

Our People

The Reasons for Our Success: Our Employees

At Sanghvi, our most valuable assets are our employees. Their commitment to excellence, innovation and making the world a better and safer place is a key reason for our success.

We are fortunate to have so many talented people with different backgrounds, interests and skills who come together to make Sanghvi a strong and thriving company. Together, we develop the technologies, products and offerings of the future. Sanghvi is a place where teamwork is essential. Yet our employees also maintain the freedom to work on their own, be creative and make their own decisions. And, most of all grow both personally and professionally.

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